A. Garland Tackett

A. Garland Tackett

Tulsa, OK

ECC Conference: Midsouth
Gender: Male


Receiving New Directees: Yes
Directing Clergy: Yes
Client Genders: Both Men
Virtual: Yes
Languages: English
Retreat/Workshop Leader: Yes

Certification From

Moody Bible College, The Caritas Center

Areas of Interest

Pastors and church staff, Men, Evangelicals struggling with their faith and current cultural / political / family conflicts

Garland lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a member of Redeemer Church for over 23 years. Having grown up in a home where service, leadership and continued spiritual formation was emphasized, he carried these values into a lifetime of consistent ministry within the local body. This involvement has afforded the opportunity to develop deep and personal relationships with pastors and fellow congregants. Garland is a mechanical engineer by education and has recently retired from a career within the energy industry. His passion has always been learning; this combination of ministry in the local body and learning has led him down the path of spiritual formation and how that is accomplished in each one of us. Spiritual Direction is a working alliance with the goal of a deeper relationship and partnership with God. Garland utilizes an incarnational, contemplative approach for both his own journey and in Spiritual Direction with others. All conversations are confidential and there is no charge for ECC pastors.