Anna Maloney

Anna Maloney

Twin Cities, MN

ECC Conference: Northwest
Gender: Female


Receiving New Directees: Yes
Directing Clergy: Yes
Client Genders: Both Men and Women
Virtual: Yes
Languages: English
Retreat/Workshop Leader: Yes

Certification From

Christos Center for Spiritual Formation

Areas of Interest

Spiritual Practices, Discernment, Grief/loss, Relationship Issues, Women in leadership, Millennials/Gen Z, Healthy Life Rhythms, Doubt & Questioning

Throughout my life, God has continually drawn me into spaces of listening and presence. As a spiritual director and pastor, it is truly a privilege to bear witness to God’s loving and healing activity in people’s stories, and get to walk alongside as a companion on the journey. My role in our sessions is to provide a prayerful, safe place for you to pay attention to the ways God is already present in your life; and your role is to come honestly—knowing nothing is too ordinary, mundane, or not-holy-enough to bring into the conversation! God is involved in the whole of our life. My husband and I live in the Twin Cities with our golden retriever pup and 3 chickens— who are daily reminders to us of God’s humor and delight in all of creation.