Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor

Omaha, Nebraska

ECC Conference: Midwest
Gender: Male


Receiving New Directees: Yes
Directing Clergy: Yes
Client Genders: Both Men and Women
Virtual: Yes
Languages: English
Retreat/Workshop Leader: Yes

Certification From

C. John Weborg Center for Spiritual Direction, North Park Theological Seminary

Areas of Interest

Play as prayer, spiritual direction, overcoming anger

After thirty five years of offering pastoral counseling in my church community, I trained at the C. John Weborg Center for Spiritual Direction in 2006-2008. To be honest, making the transition from pastoral counseling to spiritual direction was quite challenging. Although both disciplines require listening, spiritual direction requires a deeper and different type of listening skill. I’ve often described the training as a deconstruction of the typical listening process. Spiritual direction is a prayer practice – discovering where in your life you find God present and where in your life you struggle to find it. The Christian life is a lifelong journey. Engaging in a spiritual direction relationship is about maintaining a rhythm of a monthly check-in with a director to hear about your on-going relationship with Christ in all of life. My own experience of meeting with a spiritual director has been one of discovering a deeper spiritual awareness of God being present. It has been exciting to see others experience the same in their relationship with God, too.